Reservations for Holy Masses

Groups desiring to celebrate Mass in the Basilica with their own priest must follow the following norms, which were formulated in consideration of the precautionary norms for stopping the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Request a reservation by sending an e-mail with the date and time to the basilica –

  • The maximum capacity for celebrations in the Basilica is 100 persons.

  • On ferial days, Saturday included, groups can celebrate only at 9:30 at the main altar, finishing the Mass by 10:30.

  • It is not possible to celebrate Mass in the afternoon, on Sundays, or on feastdays.

  • It is not possible to celebrate at the Tomb of St. Clare, in the Chapel of the Crucifix, nor in the Chapel of St. Agnes.

  • It is not possible for a single group to celebrate Mass in the Basilica on consecutive days.

  • Groups of fewer than 8 persons are invited to participate in one of the regularly-scheduled Masses in the Basilica (ferial days at 17:30 summer time / 16:30 winter time; Sundays and holidays at 11:00 and 17:30 summer time / 16:30 winter time).

  • Priests must bring their own alb and stole.

  • Priests will vest in the right transept where the main celebrant will be given a chasuble.

  • All Eucharistic celebrations are to follow the norms of the Roman Missal.

  • Punctuality is necessary; any delays or cancellations should be communicated in due time to the following number: 075 812 216.

  • An offering for the upkeep of the Basilica is always appreciated.